Summer Programming

We are excited to announce some amazing partnerships that have allowed us to build a pretty amazing summer program. We have partnered with students from Bard College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. These students are being funded by grants at the Universities to come and give high level digital classes at Jakmel Ekspresyon.

Oliver Bentley has built a Social Mapping class with the support of the Trustee Leader Program at Bard College. He has signed up three amazing Bard students to teach three sessions in the Social Mapping class. The sections will be “how to use data and history of mapping”, “defining and collecting data”, “mapping data and creating infographics”. One of the reasons we are really excited about this project is that, currently, this skill set is focused in the international humanitarian sector. Most of the data cannot be searched by local Haitian organizations that could benefit from it. By giving this skill to local University students they will have more opportunity to find a job and help local organizations.

Patrick Soper has received a Projects for Peace grant and will represent the School of the Art Institute as he delivers a class in professional digital music editing. Patrick has a wide variety of skills including music, code programming, digital fabrication and has received awards for his music. The class will teach students how to use Ableton, which is an industry standard digital editing program. The grant will help us build a recording studio and will allow Patrick to teach professionalism and industry networking through the internet.


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