As a young growing organization our needs outstrip our financial resources. It is only with the help of donors like you that we are able to push forward. We only raise around $10,000 a year and we compliment your donations with a lot of hard work, volunteerism and determination. Each donation that gets us to that goal helps us provide a safe space for a young artist to learn and explore the intellectual goals as well as creative goals. With each donation you have helps us to build opportunity for the artists to develop a job with our resources. Please join our community of amazing donors, volunteers, students, professors and staff. Together we are all making a difference and creating change!

If you want to make a material or equipment donation these are our current needs:

Large thread spools ~ sewing pins ~ acrylic paint ~ matt knives ~ screen printing supplies ~ battery powered drills and saws ~ hammers ~ small hand tools ~ drill bit kits wood and masonry ~  erasers ~ drawing pencils ~ pencil sharpeners ~ rulers ~ usb drives ~ hard drives ~ tracing paper