A people’s movement in Haiti has held manifestations for the past two weeks. They are fighting to rid their government of corruption and to find justice for the billions of dollars stolen by politicians here. The Haitian government was supposed to use that money for infrastructure projects. Google #kotkobpetrocaribe to learn more. The government finally addressed the people this past weekend with a list of changes, including a 30% drop in politician’s benefits. The protests have stopped and life seems to be back to normal. But its not normal.

For 12 days no one worked. No one made money to put food on their table. Most Haitians I have talked to support the movement to rid the government of corruption. This latest grouping of protests has had a huge impact on the economy, which will last for a long time. Karnival in most cities have been canceled. Jacmel is still having Karnival but its for locals only. Every hotel is virtually empty, when usually they would be booked. Jacmel’s economy is dependent on Karnival but Jacmel is now a ghost town.

We know this is a crisis and we want to help. We are fundraising to pay for all the student tuition for the next two months. Each month students pay $6.5 for their class. It may not seem like a lot but it can mean a family goes without something as important as food and water. We want them to keep their money for their families. In total it is $988 for 76 students. We also want to create immediate opportunities to work for local trade skills workers and small businesses. We need chairs, 2 tables, shelving and fabric for class. So every dollar goes to paying a professor at JE or it goes to local businesses. This is important to create jobs and learning opportunities so people feel hopeful and feel pride in their work.

Please click the donate button and give even $6.5 for a student. Give $150 and we can build a new table for our growing student population.


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