Our History

Jakmel Ekspresyon community arts center is located in the southern town of Jacmel, Haiti. The town is the arts and cultural capital of Haiti. Jakmel Ekspresyon provides local artists with space and facilities in a non-discriminatory environment. The center provides skills and resources to empower self-change and entrepreneurial spirit to local and international artists. Jakmel Ekspresyon is the expression of Jacmel’s artists and provide Haitians with the freedom to create and speak through their artworks. It is our mission to provide a space of non-discrimination for all Haitians wanting to explore that freedom.

The Center was founded in May 2010 after the earthquake. Eight Haitian and American artists came together to discuss the needs of their community in the wake of the earthquake. They recognized the rampant discrimination of many marginalized people and believed that every person has the ability to create change through the beauty of art. The Founders realized that without health and financial stability, the artists would not have the ability to be social and economic innovators that create change from within the community. The Center has programs for fashion design, screen printing and workshops in dance, drumming, painting drawing, mental health, computer skills, robotics, photography and theater. We also provide cheap rental space for local projects and groups, including Cine Club, Toast Masters, youth leadership programming and theater.