Our Team

Sue Frame
Director and Founder

Sue Frame is an American sculptor from Chicago, Il. During the day she works as the assistant director of instructional fabrication at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At night she uses her arts administrative skills to benefit the artists of Jacmel. Sue has been traveling to Haiti since 2007 and working collaboratively with Jacmelian artists.

Josué Noël

Josué Noël is an educator and theater enthusiast. He has his Bachelors in education and theology with a Masters in philosophy. Josué is active with the Committee for Theater for Human Rights in France. He is the Director of Tonerrr Theater troupe. After many years living abroad, he returned after the earthquake to help rebuild his hometown, Jacmel.

Jean-Pierre Peterson 

Peterson is a young and motivated local Jacmelian. He translates for our international volunteers and helps Josué with administrative duties. Peterson enjoys many of the classes and is a member of Tonerrr Theater troupe. We hope to lose him to a good University soon.