Our Team

Sue Frame
Director and Founder

Sue Frame is an American sculptor from Chicago, Il. She uses her skills, developed over ten years as the Assistant Director of Instructional Fabrication at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, to develop curricular pathways for the students at Jakmel Ekspresyon. Sue also manages fundraising, business development and partnership opportunities with local and international organizations. Sue has been traveling to Haiti since 2007 and working collaboratively with Jacmelian artists.

Youdly Jules
Assistant Director

Youdly Jules is a Jacmelian film maker with a degree from Cine Institute. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from a local University. His personal work focuses on water and environmental security issues. Youdly is currently making a documentary on the polluted waters of Jacmel’s local river, so that he can use it as an educational tool. He finds local volunteers and develops classes for Jakmel Ekspresyon, as well as manages student registration, room scheduling and rentals. He teaches photography class at Jakmel Ekspresyon.

Jean-Pierre Peterson 
Volunteer Cooridnator

Peterson has worked with Jakmel Ekspresyon since 2011. Peterson started as our Translator and now has taken the role of Volunteer Coordinator. He helps to guide our international volunteers into the country, provides them with cultural awareness and insures they have a great time visiting all the tourist sights Jacmel has to offer. Peterson is a 3rd year university student with a focus on Political Science and Philosophy. He also has founded a secondary school and agricultural co-op in the Pasquette zone in the greater Jacmel area.