Project Overview

In the last year Jakmel Ekspresyon has been developing new classes and training opportunities in solar technologies and coding. We have been gifted 1,500 solar panels and training equipment from Energies Sans Frontières. We are now raising funds to have these solar supplies shipped into Haiti. In preparation for their arrival, we created a class for electrical and solar installation.  We have also started the first Robotics club in Jacmel. We are accepting 12 students per year between the ages of 13 and 19, for a two-year program. We will be opening a new class for Robo Klub every September. Some of the solar panels will be used in Robo Klub to teach the students about sustainable energy.


  • Solar Panel Shipment: $6,208 for direct shipping costs
  • Transport for Solar Panel Installation: $960 ($80 / trip for 12 trips to installation locations in the Haitian mountains)
  • Robo Club DIY Kit: $648, or $54 per student>
  • Total need: $7,816

If we receive more than the total budget amount, we will invest in more solar system equipment! This will allow us to help more people who do not have the financial support to buy batteries and inverters.

Solar Project

We have a quote for $6,208 to ship the panels from our donor in France. We also need transport funds to take the students to remote areas to install the systems. This will cost us $80 per trip and we will need to do at least 12 trips into the mountains.  With a total of $7,168 we’ll be able to ship the panels to Haiti and transport them to the schools, churches, and community groups that are applying to receive them. We’ve partnered with the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco to ensure that we can receive the panels without import taxes when they arrive in Haiti. We have a distribution team headed by local philanthropist, Reginald Turnier. He is already identifying people who can benefit from this program. The students currently enrolled in our electrical installation class are excited to volunteer, getting direct hands-on experience, by installing these panels for local organizations and small businesses.

These panels will ultimately help provide sustainable energy services to over 100,000 people, lighting up classrooms, churches, and community spaces, and offsetting the need for fossil fuel generators. These panels are built to last 30+ years.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club or as we call it, Robo Klub, is an exciting class for both the faculty and students. The students in Robo Klub have begun their journey in coding by using Scratch block coding. This February we received Arduinos and learning shields made by Dyode Codeshield in Toronto, Canada. We have some inputs and outputs but not many. We would like to advance past the Codeshield learning system and give the students an opportunity to experiment with sensors and motors.

With $648 we will be able to expand beyond our training modules and buy motors and sensors for the students to build real robots!

Please consider donating to create the infrastructure and knowledge base Jacmel needs. This project will help bring lights to nearly 100,000 people in the surrounding area and allow them to charge their devices, thus giving businesses, organizations and students the tools to succeed. Both the Solar Installation class and Robo Klub will add to the human resources needed to create sustainable jobs in the Jacmel area.

To make a donation by check, please may the check payable to:

Frame Family Foundation
36529 S Desert Sun Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85739

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